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  • Central HS FI
    Today’s track of the day was suggested by blog reader Jake recently.  This is another non-standard track, although it’s not as easy to tell compared to some of the other unique tracks.  This track found at Central High School, only has four lanes, which is a little out of the ordinary.  What’s even more out of the ordinary is [Read more]
  • Lake Shore track FI
    I got a notified yesterday on Twitter from Dick Nea informing me of a rectangular track in Chicago.  It’s found in Lake Shore Park, which is on the edge of downtown, right across Lake Shore Drive from Lake Michigan, and just two blocks east of Michigan Avenue and the John Hancock Center.  The park has been here since 1900.  I’m not [Read more]
  • Cusco min track
    I stumbled across one more track in Cusco, and couldn’t pass this one up, even though I could not find any information on it.  This one definitely falls into the “unique” category.   The track, which is almost a square, looks to be a 200-meter track, with five lanes.  There is a long straightway on the east side that is 100 [Read more]
  • Stadium Bowl
    It’s back to the US again for today’s track, and it’s another high school facility.  This one though, is one like I’ve never seen before.  Stadium High School is a historic landmark with an interesting history.  Construction on the building began in 1891, and it was supposed to be an impressive, luxury hotel, but it was [Read more]
  • Rooftop
    I have another unique, random track today.  This is one found last fall while doing some track research in Philadelphia for the mascot series.  This one caught my eye because of it’s unique location – on the rooftop of a parking garage.  It took a long time, but I finally found a little information on this track.  As it turns out, [Read more]

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