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  • St Charles High School
    I was made aware of today’s track by Twitter follower @TheTylerMullen, and I’m glad he did!  Located just outside of St. Louis, this is definitely not one of your ordinary tracks.  St. Charles High School has a rectangle track.  And believe it or not, the Pirates host several home meets here every year.  Because of its shape, [Read more]
  • Pico Canyon Elem
    Last week, I was in the Los Angeles area on vacation visiting family.  I happened to see several different tracks while driving around, and even more flying in and out of LAX, so an L.A. track series is going to be next.  I’m starting off with a unique one first, because it was just down the road from our hotel.  My track season is now [Read more]
  • Competitors - Action
    Today’s “track” is one that I happened to see last week.  It’s 400-meters in length, but not an oval, and it’s not flat.  It fact it’s about as far from flat as you can get.  For the past few years, Red Bull hosted Europe’s steepest 400m race at Planica Nordic Centre, a ski jump facility.  The course [Read more]
  • Lake Shore track FI
    I got a notified yesterday on Twitter from Dick Nea informing me of a rectangular track in Chicago.  It’s found in Lake Shore Park, which is on the edge of downtown, right across Lake Shore Drive from Lake Michigan, and just two blocks east of Michigan Avenue and the John Hancock Center.  The park has been here since 1900.  I’m not [Read more]
  • Mmabatho1
    The track today is found in one of the world’s most unusual stadiums, Mmabatho Stadium, which is located in the country of South Africa.  The stadium was built in 1981 by a Russian construction firm.  It is a multi-purpose stadium with seating for 59,000 people, and is mainly used for soccer.  The track itself, looks old, but adequate. [Read more]

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