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Duhok Stadium – Dohuk, Iraq

by Scott Meier in Middle East

Since it took me this long to post a track from Iraq, I figured I might as well post one more right away.  Today’s is found at Duhok Stadium, but I could not find [Read more]



North America

Unique Tracks

  • Kiruna streetview
    The final track in this arctic circle series is found in Sweden, and this is kind of a unique one.  Located in the small city of Kiruna, this track is unique because it may be the skinniest track that I have come across yet.  It only has two full lanes!  They do add two additional lanes on the main straightaway giving them four lanes for the [Read more]
  • Red Bull běbu 400 Harrachov
    The fourth stage of the Red Bull 400 series took place at today’s “track” at Čerťák, the final one that I have to post.  The third race was supposed to be run in Almaty, Kazakhstan, but I couldn’t find any information on the actual race itself.  I also saw that a race was supposed to happen in Thunder Bay, Ontario, [Read more]
  • Estadio de Atletismo Tussols-Basil track 4
    I have one more unique track to post from Spain, and this one is one of my favorites, not only in the country, but in the world.  Most track fans know about Nike’s “track in the woods” in Oregon.  The track at Estadio de Atletismo Tussols-Basil is also in the woods, but this one can actually hold competitions.  As many of the [Read more]
  • Murry Bergtraum High School
    On this sad day in American history, it’s only appropriate to post a track from New York City.  This one today is the track of the Murry Bergtraum High School Blazers, and is actually the closest one to ground zero.  This is an interesting facility to post for a couple of reasons.  The obvious one is the shape of the track. The east end [Read more]
  • Henry B. Plant High School
    It’s another track today that I would classify as being unique. The shape of the track is the norm, but what’s inside the track is not.  Besides the normal football field, at Henry B. Plant High School, you have a whole lot more!  You have bleachers on the inside. There is a small building that looks like a ticket booth, or maybe [Read more]

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