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  • Red Bull 400 Kulm
    Today’s “track” was the site of the second stage of the Red Bull 400 series, where athletes race 400-meters up a ski jump hill.  The race at Kulm was run on May 24th this year, but will be held in August in 2015.  You can see more videos and photos HERE.  I am still just amazed by these races! *Photo by Philip Platzer via [Read more]
  • Zhejiang school
    Today we have a brand new track that just opened.  It’s found on a rooftop of a school in China.  I happened to see this track posted on Portuguese sprinter Ricardo Dos Santos’ Facebook page the other day, and knew I had to find more information on this one.  It looks like it just become available for use on Monday according to [Read more]
  • 3D Track
    Here is one of the most unique tracks I have come across so far.  Located in Spain, this track actually has a hill added behind one of the straightaways, hence the “3D” part of the name.  The architects of this track won an award in 2011 for its design.  Be sure to check the links below for video and more photos of this interesting [Read more]
  • Red Bull běbu 400 Harrachov
    The fourth stage of the Red Bull 400 series took place at today’s “track” at Čerťák, the final one that I have to post.  The third race was supposed to be run in Almaty, Kazakhstan, but I couldn’t find any information on the actual race itself.  I also saw that a race was supposed to happen in Thunder Bay, Ontario, [Read more]
  • Rainbow track
    And last, but not least, we have the final track of the Big West Conference – The Clarence T.C. Ching Athletics Complex.  And unlike the Mountain West Conference series where I saved the worst for last, I saved what may be the best for last in this series.  This is a newly renovated facility found on the University of Hawaii-Manoa campus. [Read more]

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