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  • iloista-naurua-vai-jännitysnaurua
    After finding out that there were five uphill 400-meter races in the Red Bull series, I decided to find the other ones as well.  The first race was at today’s “uphill track” at the ski jumping hill Puijon Hiihtoseura Ry in Kuopio, Finland.  The Red Bull 400 Kuopio took place on May 17th.  You can view video, photos, results [Read more]
  • Macksville HS
    The track today comes via Twitter recommendation from David Berkowitz @SonOfSam0.  This uniquely shaped track is found at Macksville High School, and is the home of the Mustangs.  MHS is a small school with just over 100 students, 9-12th grades.  The population of Macksville in 549.  Because of its enrollment, they play in the smallest class [Read more]
  • Sundby_Idraetspark_Opvisningsbanen
    I have one more track from Denmark to post, and this one too, is a little unique.  Sundby Idrætspark has been used for athletics competitions and soccer matches since 1908.  It’s unique because of the few number of lanes, and because it’s an odd number as well.  There are only three full lanes, which is extremely rare.  They add [Read more]
  • Seattle U Athletics Facilities 2014   YouTube
    I have one final track to post from the Western Athletic Conference, and this is another unusual one.  It’s found on the campus of Seattle University, and is found at Seattle University Park and surrounds Logan Field.  This facility was upgraded in 2012 with a new artificial turf field which is used by the softball team and as the SU [Read more]
  • Nike  Inc. World Headquarters
    This is the track located on Nike’s campus in Beaverton, OR.  I have always thought that this was such a cool track.  Obviously this can’t be a track that hosts meets, but this 5-lane track through the woods would be really fun to train on.  I’m posting this today, because the men’s and women’s Olympic Trials for [Read more]

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