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Amman International Stadium – Amman, Jordan

by Scott Meier in Middle East

The track today is the first one that I have posted from the country of Jordan.  It is found inside Amman International Stadium.  Used mostly for soccer, this stadium [Read more]



North America

Unique Tracks

  • Stadium Bowl
    It’s back to the US again for today’s track, and it’s another high school facility.  This one though, is one like I’ve never seen before.  Stadium High School is a historic landmark with an interesting history.  Construction on the building began in 1891, and it was supposed to be an impressive, luxury hotel, but it was [Read more]
  • West Hills
    It’s more two-tone blue today from California, however it’s the artificial turf infield this time rather than the track.  The track though is a plain gray, but it goes great with the turf, giving it an awesome overall look.  I’m sure the West Hills High School Wolfpack is proud of this facility.  I think it looks cool, blue [Read more]
  • St Charles High School
    I was made aware of today’s track by Twitter follower @TheTylerMullen, and I’m glad he did!  Located just outside of St. Louis, this is definitely not one of your ordinary tracks.  St. Charles High School has a rectangle track.  And believe it or not, the Pirates host several home meets here every year.  Because of its shape, [Read more]
  • Rock
    The track today is at the national stadium of Gibraltar, Victory Stadium.  I’m posting this 6-lane track today for a couple of reasons.  I was on the White Lines Services website last week, and saw that they resurfaced this track in 2011.  They also posted some pictures of the project, and I was blown away by some of the views from this [Read more]
  • Kiruna streetview
    The final track in this arctic circle series is found in Sweden, and this is kind of a unique one.  Located in the small city of Kiruna, this track is unique because it may be the skinniest track that I have come across yet.  It only has two full lanes!  They do add two additional lanes on the main straightaway giving them four lanes for the [Read more]

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