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    I have a couple more tracks to post from the Western Athletics Conference, and they are all pretty unique.  Today’s is located on the campus of the Universty of Missouri-Kansas City.  The Stanley H. Durwood Soccer Stadium and Recreational Field is listed on UMKC athletics facilities list as being used by the Kangaroos track & field [Read more]
  • Sportplatz Kaufland FI
    I was just made aware of this track earlier today by Spikes on Twitter.  When looking down from above, this looks like a pretty typical track.  But it is actually a rooftop track that is built on top of a grocery store!  Sportplatz Kaufland  is not just a jogging or fitness track like a lot of rooftop tracks are.  This is a full 400-meter [Read more]
  • Alexandria Stadium
    It’s back to Egypt today, to begin wrapping up this series.  Today’s track is found at Alexandria Stadium, which is the oldest stadium in Egypt.  It opened in 1929, but it was recently renovated in 2009.  This facility is interesting for a couple of reasons.  For one, it has the super-straightway, on the north side of the track. [Read more]
  • SFHS
    It’s amazing how just one thing that’s out of the ordinary can stand out so much.  When I saw that track at St. Francis High School the first time, I couldn’t believe it.  I thought to myself “Wow, there’s a tree inside the track!”  It’s something I have never even heard of.  (The Nike track [Read more]
  • marin_recta_2
    Today’s track is another one that Gaby Andersen pointed out to me on Twitter.  This is a track & field fan’s worst nightmare come true.  The Tartan surface at Club Atletismo San Miguel had become so poor, rather than fixing it, they decided to turn in into a giant parking lot!  See the photos below.  Prior to allowing the cars [Read more]

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