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  • Practice2
    Today is the final day of competition at the IAAF World Indoor Championships, so I’m going to post one more track from the Sopot area.  Today’s track is actually located right next to yesterday’s track (the one on the bottom left) at the Jędrzej Śniadecki Academy of Physical Education and Sport.  I’m posting this [Read more]
  • Sportplatz Kaufland FI
    I was just made aware of this track earlier today by Spikes on Twitter.  When looking down from above, this looks like a pretty typical track.  But it is actually a rooftop track that is built on top of a grocery store!  Sportplatz Kaufland  is not just a jogging or fitness track like a lot of rooftop tracks are.  This is a full 400-meter [Read more]
  • Ōmiya Velodrome track FI
    I have one last track to post in the Japan track series, and I saved the most unique for the final posting.  The track itself at the Ōmiya Velodrome in unique for Japan, simply because it’s different from all the others thatI have posted.   It doesn’t have the standard Japanese layout for field events with the green surface around [Read more]
  • Seattle Pacific U
    The site has been getting a lot of traffic lately, thanks to this tread over on Let’  A new track planned at Austin Prep in Massachusetts is designed with two straightaways that are not parallel to each other, which also results to two different curves.  If it gets built, I will definitely be posting it.  The discussion has also [Read more]
  • Travis AFB
    Last week, Chris Nickinson of shared today’s track with me on Twitter.  And this track definitely fits into the “unique” category.  Located on Travis Air Force Base, this one clearly is just used for running/jogging and not competition.  However, the south straightaway has four extra lanes painted, and does [Read more]

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