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Today’s Featured Track

Steigerwaldstadion – Erfurt, Germany

by Scott Meier in Europe

I have a couple more tracks to post before I wrap up this German track series.  The track today is found at Steigerwaldstadion in the city of Erfurt.  This is another [Read more]



North America

Unique Tracks

  • Rome
    After not airing last week, The Amazing Race returned Sunday night.  This week, the remaining teams flew from Sri Lanka to Rome for the next stage of the race.  The Colosseum was featured in the background quite often.  One of the most famous (and sad in my opinion) venues in the world’s history, it did not appear to host athletics-type [Read more]
  • Central HS FI
    Today’s track of the day was suggested by blog reader Jake recently.  This is another non-standard track, although it’s not as easy to tell compared to some of the other unique tracks.  This track found at Central High School, only has four lanes, which is a little out of the ordinary.  What’s even more out of the ordinary is [Read more]
  • iloista-naurua-vai-jännitysnaurua
    After finding out that there were five uphill 400-meter races in the Red Bull series, I decided to find the other ones as well.  The first race was at today’s “uphill track” at the ski jumping hill Puijon Hiihtoseura Ry in Kuopio, Finland.  The Red Bull 400 Kuopio took place on May 17th.  You can view video, photos, results [Read more]
  • The Sports Deck
    It’s a snowy Sunday morning for me, so I’m going with a track in sunny San Diego, California today.  The Sports Deck is the home facility of the Aztecs of San Diego State University, and as it turns out, one of the more unique tracks that I have come across.  When I first saw the name “The Sports Deck”, I thought is [Read more]
  • Kolding track
    The next Danish track in this series certainly qualifies for the “unique” category.  As you can tell by looking at the aerial view, this is a rectangle shaped track with two long straightaways, and two short straights on the ends rather than the normal curve.  The track has four full lanes, but has two additional lanes on the main [Read more]

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