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  • West Hills
    It’s more two-tone blue today from California, however it’s the artificial turf infield this time rather than the track.  The track though is a plain gray, but it goes great with the turf, giving it an awesome overall look.  I’m sure the West Hills High School Wolfpack is proud of this facility.  I think it looks cool, blue [Read more]
  • Τσίρειο
    I have another really nice track today from Cyprus, as this series continues.  Tsirion Stadium first opened in 1975, and has undergone a couple renovations since then.  Like the other previous Cyprus tracks, this one also has the red track with green synthetic surface surrounding it.  The nice thing about this facility is the second track [Read more]
  • marin_recta_2
    Today’s track is another one that Gaby Andersen pointed out to me on Twitter.  This is a track & field fan’s worst nightmare come true.  The Tartan surface at Club Atletismo San Miguel had become so poor, rather than fixing it, they decided to turn in into a giant parking lot!  See the photos below.  Prior to allowing the cars [Read more]
  • TIAC under
    Today’s track is technically in Spain, but it’s location is actually in the Canary Islands, off the coast of Morocco.  Tenerife Insular Athletics Centre is a fairly new facility that opened in 2008.  The overhead view of the satellite photo does not do this venue justice.  You get a much better look in the photos below.  This is [Read more]
  • NYU
    While trying to find information on yesterday’s rooftop track in Philadelphia, I came across another rooftop track in New York City.  This is a newly resurfaced running track at NYU in Manhattan.  The track at the James E. Coles Sports and Recreation Center is clearly not used for competition, but rather recreation.  It was resurfaced in [Read more]

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