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  • St Charles High School
    I was made aware of today’s track by Twitter follower @TheTylerMullen, and I’m glad he did!  Located just outside of St. Louis, this is definitely not one of your ordinary tracks.  St. Charles High School has a rectangle track.  And believe it or not, the Pirates host several home meets here every year.  Because of its shape, [Read more]
  • Rooftop
    I have another unique, random track today.  This is one found last fall while doing some track research in Philadelphia for the mascot series.  This one caught my eye because of it’s unique location – on the rooftop of a parking garage.  It took a long time, but I finally found a little information on this track.  As it turns out, [Read more]
  • Kiruna streetview
    The final track in this arctic circle series is found in Sweden, and this is kind of a unique one.  Located in the small city of Kiruna, this track is unique because it may be the skinniest track that I have come across yet.  It only has two full lanes!  They do add two additional lanes on the main straightaway giving them four lanes for the [Read more]
  • marin_recta_2
    Today’s track is another one that Gaby Andersen pointed out to me on Twitter.  This is a track & field fan’s worst nightmare come true.  The Tartan surface at Club Atletismo San Miguel had become so poor, rather than fixing it, they decided to turn in into a giant parking lot!  See the photos below.  Prior to allowing the cars [Read more]
  • Marrakech Great Stadium
    The African Championships were held earlier this month at today’s featured track.   Grand Stade de Marrakech is a new facility that took seven years to build, and opened in 2011.  You’ll notice in the photos that this facility has an interesting look.  It is a perfect rectangle, with the entire space outside the track filled in [Read more]

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