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Unique Tracks

  • Kolding track
    The next Danish track in this series certainly qualifies for the “unique” category.  As you can tell by looking at the aerial view, this is a rectangle shaped track with two long straightaways, and two short straights on the ends rather than the normal curve.  The track has four full lanes, but has two additional lanes on the main [Read more]
  • NYU
    While trying to find information on yesterday’s rooftop track in Philadelphia, I came across another rooftop track in New York City.  This is a newly resurfaced running track at NYU in Manhattan.  The track at the James E. Coles Sports and Recreation Center is clearly not used for competition, but rather recreation.  It was resurfaced in [Read more]
  • SFHS
    It’s amazing how just one thing that’s out of the ordinary can stand out so much.  When I saw that track at St. Francis High School the first time, I couldn’t believe it.  I thought to myself “Wow, there’s a tree inside the track!”  It’s something I have never even heard of.  (The Nike track [Read more]
  • 3D Track
    Here is one of the most unique tracks I have come across so far.  Located in Spain, this track actually has a hill added behind one of the straightaways, hence the “3D” part of the name.  The architects of this track won an award in 2011 for its design.  Be sure to check the links below for video and more photos of this interesting [Read more]
  • Estadio de El Paloma
    As it turns out, there are several unique tracks located in Spain.  Soy Cobarde also let me know about this track on Twitter.  This one is found on Spain’s northern coast, in the town of Santoña.  While this is clearly not a full track, it is certainly used to train for track & field.  There is a full straightaway for running (and [Read more]

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