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  • Sportplatz Kaufland FI
    I was just made aware of this track earlier today by Spikes on Twitter.  When looking down from above, this looks like a pretty typical track.  But it is actually a rooftop track that is built on top of a grocery store!  Sportplatz Kaufland  is not just a jogging or fitness track like a lot of rooftop tracks are.  This is a full 400-meter [Read more]
  • Rome
    After not airing last week, The Amazing Race returned Sunday night.  This week, the remaining teams flew from Sri Lanka to Rome for the next stage of the race.  The Colosseum was featured in the background quite often.  One of the most famous (and sad in my opinion) venues in the world’s history, it did not appear to host athletics-type [Read more]
  • Rock
    The track today is at the national stadium of Gibraltar, Victory Stadium.  I’m posting this 6-lane track today for a couple of reasons.  I was on the White Lines Services website last week, and saw that they resurfaced this track in 2011.  They also posted some pictures of the project, and I was blown away by some of the views from this [Read more]
    I have a couple more tracks to post from the Western Athletics Conference, and they are all pretty unique.  Today’s is located on the campus of the Universty of Missouri-Kansas City.  The Stanley H. Durwood Soccer Stadium and Recreational Field is listed on UMKC athletics facilities list as being used by the Kangaroos track & field [Read more]
  • Leuven University
    Today I have an interesting track to post from Belgium.  Aidan Curran of the Run and Jump blog shared this track with me last week on Twitter.  It is the Leuven University track and he ran here last week for a workout.  You can read about his visit to Leuven and his workout in his blog post HERE.  The unique thing about this track is that [Read more]

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